Garlic: Raw or Cooked

Raw garlic may prevent blood clots and keep blood pressure down, but most recipes call for cooked garlic.Scientist who were looking at whether to have them raw or cooked  found that when heated for about three minutes, its as healthy as raw. Crushed garlic was found to be even better: it retains some benefits when cooked for up to six minutes(crushing seems to release more of the healthy Thiosulpahtes). Microwaved garlic , however, was no good at all: nuking it for even a  few minutes  neutralized garlic’s anti-clotting effects.

So the recommended way is to add garlic at the end of cooking and remember to crush it for more taste and benefits.


Garlic has more benefits than as a taste has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties: it even seems ti kill bacteria that are resisitant to pharmeceutical antibiotics. six or more cloves a week can also slash yoour risk of colorectal, postate and stomach cancers in half.

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