Head start in business

Being inspired by the work they love can push people to take the leap into their own business. But running that business and successfully requires a different set of skills. These skills can be learned. Dreaming big comes naturally to most entrepreneurs but business acumen is something that has to be honed and practiced.
Also do not treat the business as any other job .Employees that make the leap to entrepreneurship can end up treating the business as a job they have created for themselves. Treating your business as any other job, except you get to be boss, undermines the enterprise.
As a small business owner if you cannot sum up your business in a minute, stating concisely what you do and why, you might have problems. Articulate clearly and compelling what you offer, why it is of benefit and why it is different from what is out there.
Write it down and review it as many times as possible. It helps to reiterate your business mission.
Equally do not limit your understanding of the business and in particular your business. A good business person should keep a breast with the current trends in the field.
Hard-nosed business sense will keep the business afloat, which means keeping a tight fist on the money and inventory.
When business owners lose sight of what is coming in and going out, they can lose their hold on who is buying their products and why
But be on the guard when you start making business decisions from your heart and not your head. Most people start their businesses out of passion.
Business is not a charity, a friend often tells me, “you have to bring the currency to the bottom-line by measuring everything.” the energy and optimism that fuels an entrepreneur’s startup dreams are mandatory to keep them going when it’s tough.
Running your business should be rewarding. Setting your own agenda, seeing the outcome of your decisions and engaging with new customers all is exciting. Working longer hours, being responsible for everything, responding to your customers in a timely manner while meeting a host of administrative demands within tightly defined deadlines, is all part of the fun.

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