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How to Apply for a Transcription Job at GoTranscript


What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is an online transcription service that allows internet users from all over the world to apply for transcription Jobs on their site. If you are looking to do online work then here is your chance to apply.

What is online transcription?

Online transcription is the process of converting audio files to text. Transcriptions as a job is applied and done online. The process involves one listening to an audio file then writing out what you hear in a particular form. Transcription is one of the easiest online jobs that is easy to learn and execute.

What you need to work as a transcriber 

  • A good working internet connection
  • Proper working headphones

How to apply for transcription at GoTranscript

  • Type “gotranscript” on your address bar or click here to apply
  • Click on the site .If you are using Google search this will be the first page that appears.

    Go transcript is hiring
  •  At the bottom of the page there is an orange button written ‘Apply now click on it.


  • This will lead you to a test job page where you need to take the test


  • Do the test and then click send it for review
  • The Go transcript team will review your work and accept or decline your application within three days

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9 thoughts on “How to Apply for a Transcription Job at GoTranscript

  • have been doing the test job for long but I don’t get the test results what could be the problem

  • Eileen Nyanginja

    I really need the transcription job on line

  • Saba Nazir

    Hey, I’ve been trying to pass the test but couldn’t get through it would you please help me on this 🙂

  • It’s almost a month since I applied but I haven’t heard from them. Is this normal?

    • Yes it is normal; they take 3-90 days to reply, they reviewed their hiring process you can check five typing jobs that pay via Mpesa here too>>

    • Hi
      How do I download the test samples, transcribe them and then upload? I get stuck somewhere instead of downloading an audio test sample to do the system asks me to upload all instead. Where am I going wrong?
      Your feedback will be appreciated

  • Hi there,I check your blogs named “HOW-TO | How to Apply for a Transcription Job at GoTranscript” daily.Your writing style is witty, keep it up! And you can look our website about radio masr.

  • Kennedy Ada

    I joined like two months ago and I have been doing a diligent job. I have a rating of above 4.5 having done over 70 jobs.
    I have been invited to do the editor’s test but have failed twice already and now I am being offered again for the third time. I do that test to the best of my ability and research every word. I am worried because it’s still the same test audio. The only feedback I get is, “You did not pass, try again after a month.”
    Could it be the system is set up to offer the test after some time but there are too many editors they are trying to balance the workflow

    • Hey Kennedy! I’ve been trying to clear the test job at Go Transcript but I am unable to even after so many attempts. I’ve read their guidelines over and over again but I am still not sure what’s the thing I am still missing. I’ll appreciate your reply and any assistance regarding that. Thank you!


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