How to Certify a Document in Kenya

Banks, insurance companies, embassies and schools often require documents to be certified as copies of the original if you are registering with them for the first time or are applying for one of their products. When you apply for products like a mortgage or bank account, more often than not you will be asked to provide documents that are certified as true copies of the original.

What you Need to Certify a Document in Kenya

  • The original document (i.e. certificates, transcripts, notification of results)
  • Photocopies of document to be verified

What Documents Require to be Certified 

There are a number of documents that can be certified as true copies, they include: –

  • Certificates –educational
  • Title deeds
  • Utilities bills- water or electricity bills
  • Passports
  • Translation of a document-
  • Letters from a hospital/doctor
  • Driving licenses
  • Statements from a Sacco, building society, bank or credit card statements
  • Letters from a government department

Who Should Certify a Document

Documents can be certified by a number of people. Usually these are members of good standing in the society. They include

  • Local chief
  • Cleric –pastor, imam, bishop
  • Bank or Sacco official
  • Police officer
  • Councilor
  • Teacher or lecturer
  • Dentist/Doctor
  • Lawyer/advocate /solicitor /attorney

Who should not certify a document.

The person that certifies a document for you should not be your relative, living in the same house /address as you or be in a relationship with you.

When asked to have your document certified its best to check with the organization about who can certify the document they need. A number of times they will say who they need to certify the document in question.

What is the cost of certifying documents in Kenya?

Researching on this……

The cost of verifying documents in Kenya varies depending on where one goes.

  • The British Council in Nairobi helps to certify (academic documents only) for a fee of KES 250 for up to 3 copies of a document.


How to Certify a Document.

  1. To certify a document you need to make a copy of the original.
  2. You will then need to go with the two documents i.e. original and copy to the person that is to certify the copy.
  3. They will then go on to write ‘Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me’ on the document
  4. They will sign and date it
  5. They will be required to print their name below the signature
  6. It’s also best if they add their occupation, address and telephone number



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15 thoughts on “How to Certify a Document in Kenya

  • Can I take someone’s I’d photocopy to the chief to be certified

  • Where can I get the services in Nairobi certify my documents

  • can well scanned copies act as certified of the original copies.


    • No…a certified copy is stamped by an advocate or appropriate party.

  • How much is it to certify a document

  • where exactly should i take my identity card for certification,its required in a certain embassy

  • what if i put the official stamp and sign only without writing anything.

    • You need to state that you are certifying it to be a true copy…
      If you are a lawyer then your stamp will have that detail.. (there is a specific stamp for cerifiying documents)

  • doreen naserian

    what if one document has two names and others have three,will they be certified?

    • Hi Doreen,
      The Names must match whats on your Identification documents.


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