How to “copyright” your works in Kenya.

Copyrighting your work is easy if you know the drill. It will also serve to protect your hard work from machinating pirates (copyright thieves). Although your works is automatically copyrighted without registration you stand to lose subsequent revenue in terms of royalties  from the rights of use if it is not registered. Below is a guide to getting your work secured by law. 

  1. Originality- the foremost thing that the copyright board will look at will be the authenticity of your work.  A record of your works must be presented in writing. The works must be original.
  2. Application:-you will be required to pick up an application form from the Copyright Office. (link this to Google map)
  3. Returning the form-the form will be return with an attachment of duplicated copies of the works(where necessary)
  4. Witnessing:-the form has to be witnessed by a commissioner of oaths (more often than not a lawyer does this) Get one here (link to a lawyers site or email address.)
  5. In addition to the above you will present the following

Your name and address

Your physical address

The categorization of your works ie Audio visual, , sound recording, musical, broadcast or artistic.

After the completion of all the necessary procedures as listed above and payment of fees your works may be included in the Copyright Register 

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