How to Get Cheaper Digital TV in Kenya

Kenya just switched from. Analogue to digital TV. This caught many families off foot and it has increased the monthly expenditure. However there are ways to reduce digital TV subscription cost or make it totally free.

Let’s look at some of the ways to do this

  1. Buy a Digital Ready Tv

Digital ready or smart TVs come with inbuilt digital receivers and will be able to receive free to air channels without any subscription. You can buy digital TVs from most electronic shop in Kenya but make sure that it has an in built receiver. Alternatively you can shop online for a good Digital TV. Sites like jumia, Avechi and Kilimall have good offers. Click here to buy a digital TV online at a good discount

  1.  Buy a Free To Air Digital Decoder

Free to air deciders come with the purchasing cost only. Once you buy it you don’t need to pay monthly subscriptions .There are a number of free to air decoder from ADN, Bamba, startimes free to air, and more.

  1. Purchase One Year Subscription

Digital TV providers have cheaper yearly subscription that would work for guys that just need the local channels only. If you want the international sport channels then you will have to content with higher monthly subscriptions.

4 Watch TV online

If you are a really digital guy, then you may have internet at home. Instead of paying for TV subscription, you can opt to kill two birds with one stone. Find a reliable internet provider and then user the internet to watch TV. This way you will have TV and internet at the same time.

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