Pwani Telecomms Ltd

Among the services provided are:-

Dial-up connectivity provides you with access to Internet using a regular telephone line. With out flat rate pricing you can enjoy unlimited access at no unexpected costs. Simply connect when you want and browse the net or catch up on your e-mail, chat with friends, download files, conduct research or accesses our new server Your dial-up connection includes a mailbox, the most popular e-mail address in Kenya.

Leased Line’s Lease Line Solution provides you with fast reliable Internet access 24 hours a day. With no more telephone bills, no Telcom charges and no hardware costs, this is the ideal solutions for growing businesses. Get rid of the hassle of connecting to the Internet with’s Lease Line Solution.
VPN understands this need and has developed a Virtual Private Network service (VPN) just for organizations like yours. Our VPN service looks and feels like the public Internet to users, but it’s actually a managed private network created using the Internet. Data is exchanged over this private network using encrypted IPSec tunnels, to guarantee secure transmission of your information.

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