Taglines…Gone nuts

Have you ever driven past a sign or place of business and done a double-take because you couldn’t believe what you read?  Well, here are some of those taglines that make you smile, laugh, or leave you scratching your head wondering what they were thinking:

* Willows Window Washing: So clean you can’t tell it’s there…4 out of 5 dead birds agree.

* Premier Bodyguards: We’ll take the bullet or your money back!

* Coveralls Plumbing Service: We’ll find the crack before you do!

* Legacy Funeral Home: Prices to die for.

* Ricky’s Online Dating: Be who you always wanted to be.

* Clayton’s Acupuncture: We stick it to you!

* Money Lender: Checking you out.

* Al’s Dump truck: We bury the competition!

* Lazy Fields Retirement Community: Putting you out to pasture.

* Van Jaden Clock and Watch Repair: We won’t waste your time…

* Bust-A-Gut Improv Classes: We’re serious about joking around!

* Zingo’s Funeral Home: We put the “Fun” in funeral!

* Optimum Vision Care: Here’s looking at you!

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