Bird’s view at Sunbird Lodge

Published on 05/03/2009
By Beatrice Obwocha

After about a kilometre into the junction leading to Sunbird Lodge, only two small houses are visible at first. As you approach the slope, a magnificent makuti-thatched lodge with cottages is revealed. A few steps ahead, one is met with the breathtaking, almost aerial sight of Lake Elementaita.

A view of the magnificent terrace where one can enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Elementaita.

Sunbird Lodge, which is off the Nakuru-Nairobi highway, is built on a cliff overlooking the lake. It is situated about 30km from Nakuru town and is next to St Mary’s Hospital, less than a kilometre from the highway.

The reception doors to the dining and cottages are made of glass, giving one an unrestricted view of the lake. From the comfort of one’s room, one can enjoy the sight of pink flamingos and white pelicans swimming with the sunset reflection on the lake.

The reception is connected to the dining area whose furniture is an artistic display.

The seats and tables are made of curved wood. A hot air balloon basket sits at another corner and adds to the beauty of the room. It is also an indication that the lodge offers balloon flights.

Balloon flights

Gunter Schabus and Othmar Pircher, the directors of the hotel, double as the balloon pilots. “We take off from the shores of Lake Elementaita at around 6.30am before the wind becomes strong. We then fly for about an hour or two,” says Pircher.

The ambience in the circular-walled dining room is calm and natural with not so bright lighting. The lodge also boasts a terrace with tables, seats and umbrella where one can enjoy a natural panorama and the swimming pool, which is located about 50m below.
A beautifully designed swimming pool situated 50m below the terrace. Photos: Lucas Thuo/Standard

Presently, the lodge has 10 cottages. Schabus says there are plans to build more. The cottages face the lake and have balconies where one can enjoy the sunset. Above each bed is a beautifully crafted quilt embroidered with African-print fabric (some match the curtains) round the edges.

During low seasons, rates are Sh6,700 per person per night and Sh9,000 per couple. At peak season, the charges increase to Sh9,200 per person per night and Sh13,400 per couple.

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