d.light S30 Solar lantern lamp


The d.light S30 Solar lantern is a portable family Solar lantern, easy to hung from a wall  or ceiling r place on a table. Last up to 12 hours on full single charge.

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  • The d.light S30 is a portable family Solar lantern, easy to hung from a wall , ceiling
  • Last up to 12 hours on full single charge
  • Six times brighter than kerosene lamps, safer to leave with children
  • Free 2 year replacement warranty and over 5 years lifetime
  • No battery replacements needed
  • Integrated solar panel
  • Use of free solar energy means saving on lighting costs.
  • Dual Solar/ AC charging. Full charge from Solar/AC is 8 hours
  • Glow in the dark On/Off Button
  • Weather, Dust and Impact Resistant

Light Performance – The S30 Solar lantern provides 12 hours of light on full battery and uses proprietary, highly efficient LEDs. It provides 360 degree space lighting for any environment or focused light for studying, working or cooking.

Product Functionality – S30 is designed to be extremely user friendly and flexible. It has a detachable handle and includes an integrated solar panel that makes charging simple and easy. The S30 solar lantern can be carried, hung on a wall/ ceiling or placed on any surface to effectively illuminate the surrounding area.

Solar and AC charging – The S30 solar lamp has a high efficiency integrated solar panel to make charging simple and easy. It can be charged from a USB source using the USB cable or a standard Nokia AC charger.

Product Benefits – Designed as alternative light for a rural off-grid household. The lantern can charge even on a cloudy day

D.light products are some of the most popular solar lamps in Nairobi and Kenya in general.

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