Car hire 101 in Nairobi

Yes, you can hire a car for self drive in Nairobi. Car for hire vary in brand and model. The most popular car hire vehicles are Toyota model.

You can hire Toyota Axio, Toyota Allion, Toyota Fielder and Toyota Premio at KES 3000 per day. If you are going outside Nairobu the rate is KES 3000 or more depending on the car model.

Requirements for car hire rental in Nairobi

Each car hire company has its own requirements for car hire. So the below rules may not apply to the business you are dealing with.

  • You National ID or passport
  • Valid driving licence
  • Payments (Via MPESA , Credit card or cash)
  • Signing of contract
  • Limit to those above 25 years or 5 years driving experience
  • Proof of employment or business
  • Proof of your place of residence

How car hire works in Nairobi

So you Google car hire in Nairobi, then see a list of companies and call a few like 0720401869.

You fin out what vehicles they have available for hire. You agree on pick up time and location.

On the material day get there on time, fill the paper work, sign the hire agreement and drive off…that is the idea situation…

The actual situation can be calls and calls…and the car does not arrive on time. It can be frustrating. The reason could be the last client to use the car has not brought it back yet most car hire companies do not put a buffer between the last booking and the next.

Also the last client can be unresponsive on phone and decide to expend last minute. So the car hire provider will be left looking for an alternative car at the last minute.

Why it is a bad idea to pre-book and pay for car hire

Unless you need the car for 1 week and more, it dues not make business sense for a car hire company to keep a car for you. The next guy with cash will be given the car especially if they are paying for more days than you.

Tips for hiring a car in Nairobi

  • Theft be careful with the hired car. Some popular brands are targeted and you need to park the car in a safe environment .
  • Ensure the car has valid insurance before you leave
  • Check the oil, water, break fluid
  • Check spare wheel, wheel spanner, Jack, handle, Life saver
  • Take a photo of the body…especially any preexisting marks, dents, scratches
  • Carry your driving licence
  • Carry the car hire contract (agreement) with you at all times. ThisĀ  may save you alot if the vehicle was reported to police for an offence
  • If you are running late to return the hired car, call the car hire contact and notify them…or pay for an extension before the car hire contract expiry date.

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