In this book Selwyn Hughes discuses the “Ten Principles of a Happy Marriage” quite well. He does this by combining practical advice with biblical principles.
In the book he covers among others the need to maintain scriptural roles, the need to keep lines of communication continually open. He goes on to advice on budgeting/living within your means for this he claims gets into the way of many marriages when resources are not spent wisely and thus creating conflict. Surprisingly he introduces the need for establishment of a conflict resolution mechanism, find out how you do that in marriage. Now if he lest this topic out-sex then he wouldn’t have tackled fully the marriage topic. He terms it a God given gift to man and to many a peoples surprise it wasn’t sex that caused the fall of man for from the word go, God created man and woman for procreation. This is a point that he seems to clarify even to me.
He emphasizes the need to keep God first in your life and therefore your relationship. He goes further to explain how we need to understand the concept of basic personal needs, where couples come into a relationship to fulfill critical needs that would otherwise be left unmet without the union. I
In this case therefore the couple’s should strive to minister to each other in the God Planed way. In chapter four he states that Gods plan is for husbands to minister to their wife’s need for security and for wives to minster to their husbands need for significance. And here the big idea is giving rather than receiving.
By the time you go through the ten chapters/principles of this 60 paged book you will experience great enlightenment on marriage and you should be able to make a good husband or wife.
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