Repay your Helb bill at a Pesa Point ATM


  1. At the ATM
  2. Insert your ATM card then remove it from the slot
  3. Choose your language
  4. In put your secret PIN Number
  5. Choose Pay Bill tab to go to the next screen
  6. Insert the HELB code (5006)
  7. Type in your ID number, which doubles up as your HELB account Number. Remember to confirm.
  8. Type your Mobile number (to allow for contact from helb)
  9. Type the product you intent to pay for then the amount to pay

N/B Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to facilitate the transaction.

You will receive a receipt acknowledging the payment once the transaction is complete.

N/B It will take approximately three (3) days for your loan account to be upgraded

You can access your loan repayment at or you can email [email protected] remember to quote your National ID number.

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