All about Jasmycoin surging and pumping trading volumes

The internet has changed almost every part of our lives, including how we work, and how we play, here you can learn first how to run Crypto and how we live. Centralized systems sell mostly data, which needs to be put together, analyzed, and used to make money.

This is when Jasmy comes into the story. At the heart of Jasmy’s philosophy is the idea of data democracy. This means letting you take charge of your own data again. You own all of the information you put into Jasmy when you use it.
How does Jasmy work, and what does it do?

The Jasmy platform makes and takes care of the infrastructure that data owners need to store, view, trade, and use their own data in a safe and secure way. It can do this because its Internet of Things (IoT) platform uses the latest blockchain technology.

Base modules and devices connected to the Internet of Things may be able to talk to each other in a safe and useful way. Users have access to a wide variety of apps that give them the freedom to manage and use their data in the way that works best for them.

What is the Blockchain for Jasmy? How does it work?

The blockchain platform that Jasmy made is meant to help its users get back control of their own data and keep it safe. It does this by combining traditional Internet of Things (IoT) technology with blockchain technology, which gives people safe control over their personal data.

Data collection, analysis, and sales all happen in centralized systems. Jasmy has a unique way of doing things. The information about users is kept safe by a blockchain that is not controlled by one person or group. This lets the user decide when and how their information is used.

Users can choose to keep their information in a “personal data locker” that is encrypted and managed by Jasmy’s distributed storage. The network uses IPFS, which stands for InterPlanetary File System.

IPFS is made up of two technologies: a Security Knowledge Communicator (SKC) and a Smart Defender. One of the most important services that the Jasmy platform has to offer is the Smart Guardian (SG). Its main job is to make it easy and safe for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to join a distributed network that only the device’s owner can access.

The Ethereum blockchain is where you can find the utility coin Jasmy Coin (JASMY/USD). It was made so that it would only work on the Jasmy platform.

On Monday, people who sell things in stores talked about JasmyCoin. Since the day before, the token’s value had gone up by more than 10%. During the same time period, there were more than 220 percent more trades. When this article was written, the market price of JASMY was $0.001. The price was just under $1.25 when trading began on February 10, 2021, but it was still a long way from that level.

There may be a direct link between what was said on June 29 and the rise in JASMY. According to the protocol, Metaverse 2.0 will be released on July 15 of this year. The network said that there would be two big changes with the launch.

The first is to look around in the Jasmy Metaverse, and the second is to hide people’s identities. Jasmy says that in the metaverse, both DeFi and NFTs will be able to work. It also has GameFi, SocialFi, IoT, cutting-edge eco-systems, and models for working together, as well as GameFi, SocialFi, and IoT.

Even though JASMY’s price has gone up in the last 24 hours, it hasn’t been able to break through the $0.01 mark.
Everything started with TradingView.

JASMY has been going up for the last day and a half, but at the $0.01 level, it has run into some trouble. Because more people are trading, the price has reached a point where too many people have bought it. On the other hand, moving averages have joined the support, which is consistent with the rise in a bullish direction.

After running into some trouble, JASMY may keep falling. Once the price goes back up to the moving average, investors should buy as soon as possible. Before JasmyCoin can get past the next barrier at $0.012, it has to get past the first one at $0.01.

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