Australian Studies Institute (AUSI)

AUSI has a short history, but a long pedigree. AUSI began in Kenya in October 2000, offering only foundation and Diploma programs on behalf of Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT), leading to Bachelor Degrees from Edith Cowan University. We now offer not only the foundation and Diploma programs, but Edith Cowan University Degree’s as well.

In 2007 AUSI received its Validation and Authority to Collaborate with Edith Cowan University by the Kenyan Commission for Higher Education. In 2008 the grant of Authority to collaborate with Edith Cowan University, Australia, to deliver the Master of Business Administration was approved by the Commission of Higher Education in Kenya. These were milestones for AUSI. AUSI’s relatively small size but close association with PIBT and ECU, allows us to personally know and care for all our students, yet still have access to cutting edge international course.

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