Biogas Electricity

Man will never stop to amaze me,when it seems like all hope is lost an invention comes up that lights the darkest of rooms in your life. If you ever thought that man runs out of alternatives then you are thinking too hard,slap yourself and awaken to the new down of bio-gas electricity. Now if this ain’t good news, tell me what is. Imagine how many rural home can be lit by the otherwise waste material that is dung.

A group in Dagoretti Nairobi has come up with an ingenious way of utilizing the effluents from one of the abortours in the area to produce gas as well as electricity. And you will be forgiven if you thought this is a one of thing, the revolution seems to be griping the country and speeds that will frighten the “Michuki rules” enforcers.

The news is all over just type “Biogas electricity” and google away!

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    kindly send me more info on the boiga powered ganerator…really intrested
    kindly also hook me up with that dagoretti group

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