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Unemployment is rife the world over and the youth in Kenya are not spared the ordeal.  Sometimes though when things look really nasty its the simple solutions that work rather than the complex ones. So you  have gone to school and acquired all the degrees there is to get but still no work…what to do? Bellow is a look at some jobs that you might want to have a take at as you wait for your appointed time. if you good this will give you the much needed traction

This includes a list of all those doing performing arts from dancers to comics, musicians dancers etc. Though these careers aren’t well paying at some places they could be quite lucrative elsewhere. In Kenya for example musicians are slowly gaining acceptance as awards and concerts increase.
The good thing here is you don’t have to have gotten any formal education to be able to flourish in these fields. All you need is the flair and presence.
So before you go to bed put down those rhymes you were humming to in the bathroom you never know what they can turn to.

Do you have the God given looks and that curvaceous body? Then you have all it takes to get yourself an income without breaking a sweat. Well to a small extend you will be shown how to catwalk and all but the main thing here is you need to look appealing according to their standards. So never underestimate yourself go for those auditions and see what the judges have to say before you give up.
And if you what to be a real star here, give yourself a challenge and catwalk up hill. It probably will make you stand out and that is the secret of the trade.

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