Education For All Children (EFAC)

Education For All Children (EFAC) , ; a New Hampshire based non-profit, provides scholarships to qualified and underprivileged secondary and university students in the developing world. In addition to scholarships EFAC provides mentoring and global connections to these exceptional students in order to encourage leadership, economic progress, and cultural understanding.

This year EFAC took its program into 8 US classrooms when it launched EFAC Dreams, a school based global citizenship program that involves US students with EFAC students to promote global citizenship through direct student contact.

Ryanne VanSciver, EFAC Dreams development coordinator, presented the EFAC program at the National Staff Development Committee in Seattle in July and as a result the EFAC Dreams program will target 40 new classrooms in the 2010-2011 academic year.

EFAC strives to meet the millennium goals through the education of children.

Nancy VanSciver
Education For All Children
11 Heather Drive
Rye NH 03870

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