How to care for your nails

nail polishing
nail polishing

Bright red nail polish should be applied well to look classy not brassy.This is how:-
1.Clean any existing polish off nails and push back cuticles .prepare clean nails for a fresh coat of polish by buffing with a buffing sponge.
2.File nails into neat, squared –off ovals. Keep them shortish-long talons are dated
3.Apply a base coat of clear polish. Prevent nails from being stained yellow by the high pigment content of red polishes.
4.Apply polish using short strokes from cuticles to tip. Do the centre first, then either side. When nails are dry, add a second coat..
5.When the second coat has dried, apply a clear, chip-resistant top coat.
6.To finish off, apply a cuticle oil to the cuticle area
Good to know
•Pale skin look best with pinky reds that have blue undertones, olive skin look best with more orange-toned fruity reds and dark skins look best with deep. Slightly brown reds
•Just after you’ve painted your nails –before they are completely dry – drop a tiny plash of oil onto the cuticle area, using an eye dropper. This helps seal the cuticles and prevents the polish from bleeding into them.
•Red nails will draw attention to your hands, so keep your hands well moisturized.
•Dunking fingertips quickly into iced water will help speed up the drying process and set the polish. But don’t use heat – it will make the polish tacky.
•Fix any mistakes using a tiny bit of cotton wool wrapped around an orange stick and dipped into nail polish remover. Gently rub over the area to remove unwanted polish
Recommended products
1.OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
2.Revlon Gold Standard Extra Long Wear Nail Enamel
3.Revlon Colorstay Gold Standard Top Coat
4.Revlon Nail Care Nail Enamel Remover With Vitamin E
5.Clicks Beauty Essential Buffer

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