Greenhouse Agriculture

As world populations increase there is the tendency to think we might just run out of enough land to hold us, as well as for farming. Well, that thought holds no water with the advent of the greenhouse; in very small farm land one can comfortably grow enough crops for a neighborhood.

Greenhouse agriculture seems to have taken many urban neighborhoods by storm. It seems the best way of getting returns out of small portions of land and the beauty is it’s not labor intensive. Greenhouse technology is spreading fast among small-scale farmers near urban centers because of its ability to create an environment where temperature, humidity and pests are easier to control. This enables the farmers save a lot on costs such as pest and weed control.

Greenhouses can thrive in any place; even in hot and dry conditions, for this reason I think it’s our best hope of tackling the problems that come with dependence on rain fed agriculture. With greenhouses drip irrigation is used and this extensively cuts the amount of water used on farming therefore saving on this precious commodity that is getting scarce day by day. Researchers at Kari recommend one hour of drip irrigation a day and they say farmers should avoid flooding the houses as that eliminates the ‘control’ element.

Its costs between KShs 100000-300000 including installation of drip irrigation pipes, to build a mini-greenhouse on about an eighth of an acre, this figure should go down or up depending on the size of the house you want to set up.

An outside  look at the greenhouse
An outside look at the greenhouse

The Amiran Farmer’s Kit (AFK) Components;
Farmer’s Greenhouse: 8×15 Mini Greenhouse Tunnel
Drip Irrigation System: The Family Drip System suitable for an 1/8th of an Acre
Collapsible Water Tank: 600ltr collapsible water tank
Farmer’s Sprayer: 16 Liter Knapsack Sprayer
Gold Medal Seeds: 2 types of seeds for an 1/8th of an acre
Fertilizers: One season worth of required fertilizer
Agrochemicals: One season worth of required Agro-Chemicals
Health and Safety: For the safe usage of the chemicals provided
Training: Training offered on the usage of the kit and a certificate awarded upon completion
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  • Hi i wish to get some more insight on the greenhouse mode of tomatoes growing and how to maximize Profits.
    also to know on the yield per season

  • True Gordon, my desire too is to see ways in which useful information can get to the grass roots. And at the moment my simple research shows there is increasing demand for information on greenhouse farming. The quest therefore will be be find this information and post it here for all of us. Demonstration centers are things we can do with the help of the agricultural extension offices countrywide.Something worth looking at!!!

  • Greenhouse crop production remains the most promising mode of production. The challenge remains technology transfer to poor rural households!More Demo sites will help.

  • Hi i wish to get some more insight on the greenhouse mode of tomato growing and how to maximize Profits Plus The Nearest Distribution center,am from Tana river

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