How to Guide to a Kenyan Beach Wedding

Kenya has the best of beach sites in the world, they are second to the Bahamas but lack of the right exposure stifles their performance.  Holding your loved one in the Kenyan beach and proclaiming they are yours till death comes in between you will be the most memorable way to tie the knot. The Kenyan coast line is straddled with beautiful sand beaches full of palm trees. It’s a scenic site to behold.

Why A Kenyan Beach Wedding?

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk of a Kenyan beach wedding is the fun in the whole arrangement.  There is the creation of a romantic feeling in a casual environment associated with the beach.  The freedom to do just about anything at the beach presents innumerable possibilities. The enormous space available gives you what I would like to call “room for experimentation”.

The next best thing about a beach wedding is the handiness. There is the easy option of using the same venue for the honeymoon and the wedding. Like most Kenyans would say you get the same venue “double double”.  You see all the functions surrounding the wedding can happen just there, the vows, the reception and the honeymoon.

What comes with convenience is cutting of costs and that is something any man who means business will like.  This cost cutting though does not come with reduction in quality as most would assume. If money is not that much of a problem for you, you can make it as expensive as you want. Whatever you choose to do remember we told you there is a cheaper way to have your wedding, let not this one event dent your pocket to an extend of running in debt.

If you the kind that is scared of crowds or just want this moment to be for you and your spouse then a beach wedding  in Kenya will be the best option for you. You will be miles away from home in the beautiful tropical town of Kenya –Mombasa. There are a number of private beaches own by resorts and hotels at the coast that will come in handy here.  We recommend Galu beach resort….

Having a beach wedding means being at the mercy of Mother Nature. This should not bother you much though because Kenya is quite sunny for a good part of the year and essentially the coastal city of Mombasa is temperate and nice all year round. You might want to mind the tide and staff like that but   with a good event organizer you will be in good hands as all the aspects will taken into consideration.

The legal aspects of a beach wedding are a little special meaning prior arrangements need to be done to get the necessary approval. If the marriage ceremony has to happen outside the gazette areas by the Marriage Registrar then there is more you will need to know about that. Read about the legal details of a Kenyan wedding here.

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