How To Buy Travel Insurance in Kenya

Kenyans are travelling long and wide and as they do this there is need for them to secure their belongings and health while away from home. It’s for this reason that travel insurance comes in handy. One of Kenya’s leading insurance company, Resolution Insurance has partnered with a multi-national travel insurance expert Linkham Services to offer Resolution Travel.

The product is to offer travel insurance for persons travelling for business, studies or leisure. Resolution Travel Plans are provided on a totally online platform, there are seven travel insurance plans that have local, regional, Schengen countries and international cover options.

The Travel Insurance Plans offered by resolution cover a number of liabilities

• Accident and Liability

• Emergency Medical

•Trip Cancellation

• Baggage Loss

• Hostage

• Hijack

• Wrongful Detention

To add to these other benefits that accrue include Travel and Flight Delay; Missed Departure and Missed Travel Connection all offered with higher benefit limits at a lower price

For more on Travel Insurance or any  general cover

To buy travel insurance in Kenya call  0729673458

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