How to Calculate Duty For a Second Hand Vehicle

How to Import a Second Hand Vehicle to Kenya.

So you have saved and you are ready to import your dream second hand car. Question is how? The process is really simple, as an importer you need to enlist the services of a clearing and forwarding agent to process the import documentation for you. The agent will deal with KRA Customs electronically and help you clear the vehicle.

Note: You cannot import a vehicle that is more than 8 years old into Kenya. This is to maintain quality standards as per the Kenya Bureau of Standards

How Much to Pay as Duty for Your Car

Import duty 25 % of CIF value

Excise duty 20 % of CIF value +Import duty

VAT16% of CIF value + Import duty + Excise Duty

IDF Import Declaration Fee 2% of CIF

RDL 1.5 of the customs value

How to Determine The CRSP of your Second Hand Vehicle

CIF can also be determined from CRSP Current Retail Selling Price. The CRSP can be found on the KRA website

Click on “Downloads” right hand upper bar

Then click “Customs Valuation”

Check out for the latest versions of

  • New Valuation Template
  • New CRSP Effective

Select your car from the New CRSP Effective spreadsheet  to determine its current retail selling price.

Determine the first date of registration of the car, use that date to determine the rate of depreciation from the Valuation Template.

Scroll down to the tabulation table for your type of vehicle and enter the CRSP and depreciation. The system will then calculate the total tax payable as per your entry.



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