How to download music online

How to download music online

Are you a music lover? Or you just want to listen to the latest song of your favorite artist; the internet has made it possible for you to access millions of songs from anywhere. This advancement in technology has also enabled the artists to earn from their efforts. When you purchase a song online, some percentage of the proceeds goes to the musician.

Illegal downloading has crippled this industry. Music industry authorities pointed out that even though musicians are making sales through legal downloading of songs, illegal downloads and pirating accounts to over 95 percent of the purchases.

So while we are celebrating the usefulness of the internet to us as the music lovers, we should also use legal channels to access and download songs. A win-win situation will accrue; you get the enjoyment and fulfillment from the song, and the artist gets rewarded for his/her efforts.

In Kenya, there are some websites that you can use to download legal music. They include;

  • Getmziki is a music website in Kenya, where it majorly features urban music from all over Africa, and you can download them for free.

  • Waabeh

Waabeh is a marketplace where artists list their songs mainly in audio format. Besides the website, Waabeh can also be accessed through Android and Windows smartphones as an app.

The site also houses audio books and even the various favorite podcasts. You will be presented with three options to access music in Waabeh; free access paid and a streaming option. To pay, they have MPESA, Visa, Equity and Co-op Bank account, Orange Money, and even Airtel Money.

You can also use the audios on your website through the embed codes availed in the website

  • Mdundo offers free downloads and to access premium content, and you’ll have to pay up to $3 per month either through MPESA or by purchasing Safaricom airtime.

To download a song from,

  • Visit the site
  • Search the song, either by the name or the artist
  • Besides the song, is a download button

Besides the above local sites, some international websites allow you to download music legally. They include;


Amazon website stores millions of songs that you can access them by paying a fee and some are free. What makes it so attractive is it has a customized search engine, where you can sort songs by genres, popularity, dates when they were released and the artists’ name to name a few.

To download a song for free, click a button labeled FREE and the song will be added to your cart. Click on ‘place your order, ‘ and you’ll be redirected to a free download page.


SoundCloud allows you to play the songs online for free (stream) and even download some for free. Not every music here is downloadable though, but you will recognize them by a ‘download’ button next to it, and in some instances, you’ll be asked to like a Facebook page to access a download link.

You can also use third-party apps to download songs from SoundCloud such as SoundCloud Downloader free, an extension for Google Chrome, 9SoundCloudDownloader among others.


Spotify has over 50 million music enthusiasts making it one of the best music streaming website globally. However, you can download your favorite tune through special Spotify offline mode.

Using Spotify offline mode allows you to access thousands of songs without an internet connection. If you are using iPod, you have a chance of uploading your music collection. This makes it the ultimate music service provider through the internet. But to download them to your phone, and be able to share with friends;

  1. Download an MP3 converter app such as MP3 Cutter
  2. Copy the song link
  3. Paste the link on the search bar of the app
  4. You’ll be redirected to a download page

Apple Music

This service comes as an in-built service application in iPhone and iTunes. Even though it is not entirely free, you will get a 90-day free trial of which you’ll be paying a subscription fee of about US$9.99 per month. During the trial period, you have an exclusive chance to stream thousands of your favorite songs and even download them for offline use.

How to download music for offline use

  1. Launch the app
  2. Search the album or song track you want
  3. Look for ‘more’ button found on the right side of the selected song
  4. Click on ‘Make available offline.’


Tidal is a music streaming service. Check out

There are other free sites to download music, but ensure you are dealing with legit sites.

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