How to get a dream home for less in Kenya

Unless you have a job with significant pay and benefits, it might be hard for you to afford a dream home in a premier location like Runda or Lavington. Home seekers who look beyond the city limits are have a flexibility to go to other cities have the opportunity to find their fantasy home. If Runda is high try Syokimau Property prices in Runda are exorbitantly high; this makes it hard for a starter to afford or even think about it. The advent of apartments looked like it would lower the cost of housing , but the devil rocked in and now apartments are going for as much as 22K. I think that is outright theft, but no one is asking me so I reserve my comments. You may want to hit the road to Kitengela Sometimes people are forced to work in places they can’t afford to live. The next thing that happens is they have to struggle so hard to fit in, pushing their pockets to the limits. At the end of the day they have nothing to show for their sweat. They end up making somebody else rich by paying exorbitant rent fees when they could help themselves by building their own good home at much the same price they pay as rent. Mombasa is equally good Who said you must live in the city in the sun. Nairobi is damn expensive compared to the other three cities in Kenya. If you are a business person or even an employee of a big corporate that has branches all over the country consider shifting to less congested city like Kisumu or Mombasa where prices are relatively fair. You might have to reduce the size of your dream home Most home buyers know what they want. A three bed is quite the hit in the Nairobi. Well may be it’s because the largest of most apartments is a three bedroomed house. Most home builders have three bedroomed apartments and two beds, though the later is rare. It might be wise for you to tone down to a two bed even if you though a three bed would have been appropriate.

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