How to Get a Full M-PESA Statement

If you are a frequent M-Pesa user, you must have had a need for your statement. You have the option of receiving a full Mpesa statement or a mini Mpesa statement. The mini mpesa statement will be sent to your phone and will only contain five previous transactions while the full Mpesa statement will be for one month. You will need to register to be receiving full Mpesa statements every 5th of the month on your email.

The process is simple as the registration is done  on your phone

Here we look at How to Get the M-Pesa full Statement.  GO to this link for procedure on how to get an M-Pesa Mini statement.

To get your full M-Pesa statement sent to your email

Dial *234# on your Safaricom phone

You will be presented with four (five) options to choose from

  1. M-Pesa Produsts
  2. My M-Pesa information
  3. M-Pesa agent services
  4. Merchant services
  5. Stawisha na M-shawari

Select option number 2 “My M-pesa information”

On these new tap there are six  options to pick from

  1. M-Pesa statement
  2. Tariff query
  3. Report complaint
  4. Business numbers
  5. Hakikisha
  6. Next of kin

Reply with option 1 “M-Pesa statement”

This will present you with full statement or mini statement options

  1. Full statement
  2. Mini statement.

Answer with option 1 “Full statement”

The response will be “To register for M-PESA statements, please enter your National ID or document of registration number “Input your Identification number

You will be prompted to input your email address and then confirm it

Once you conform your email address you will receive the statement to the effect that you have registered to receive M PESA statement by the 5th of every month. And that one time they will send you your six months M-Pesa statement


If you a want the procedure for a mini statement click here. This will be sent to you as an SMS with five previous transactions

In short dial *234 *2 *2 #