How to Get Cheap Hotel Deals in Kenya


Get Cheap hotel Deals in Kenya

Are you planning to travel to Kenya. Brace yourself for a safari of your lifetime as Kenya is endowed with one of the best travel experiences in the world. Kenya is renowned for its big game parks, beautiful safari lodges and the great Masai Mara where the great migration happens.

A stay in Kenya can be so enchanting to the extent that you may deplete your resources. But it doesn’t have to be so, there are a number of things you can do to get a cheap hotel deal in Kenya . The best place to start is finding a deal on your hotel booking.

When we say cheap hotel in Kenya we don’t mean dungeons. There are a number of low budget hotel in Kenya that are still well stocked and serve good food. We know you are here to enjoy but your stay is certainly short leaved, you probably would be hopping from one cheap hotel in Kenya to the next in the course of your stay.So let’s look at some of the ways to finding a cheap hotel in Kenya.

Travel during off-season

When it is off-peak season hotels are generally low priced as not so many people are looking to book hotel rooms. The off-peak season in Kenya is in two batches from April to May and November to December. If you happen to schedule your travel to Kenya in either of these two periods you will certainly make your hotel stay in Kenya cheaper.

Ask for group package deals

Package deals usually have a large number of people therefore hotels can afford to give cheaper rates. Hotels arrange for excursions for safaris to destinations such as Lake Bogoria hot springs, Masai Mara, and Nairobi national park. Group package deals put together a number of activities as well as accommodation at cheaper prices unlike if you went on Safari solo. When booking for a hotel online inquire if they offer group packages.

Check the internet for deals

There are a lot of cheap hotels in Kenya, most of them offer Just as good service but they do not have big marketing budgets. These hotels don’t feature high up on Google search but you will find them if your search is slow but sure. Look out for the second and third page on Google rather than the first page.

Travel sites like TripAdvisor and (list of Kenya hotels on and many more offer hotel price comparison and a wide variety of hotels.

Consider home sharing websites

Technology has enabled home sharing (sharing economy), where a host can rent our a room or their entire home to guests. The main home sharing websites are and Some hosts on have been accused of discriminating against blacks (check and this has lead to creating of and


Ask for hotels in the outskirts of town

Hotels in the city center are definitely going to be higher than those in the outskirts or downtown. When doing your search ask about the location of the hotel. A hotel like Ambassador Hotel is hundred meters from Hilton Hotel but the price difference will astonish you.

Book your hotel in advance

Most hotel have room categories e.g. Whitesands Standard rooms, Whitesands Presidential suite, Whitesnads premier sea front rooms etc. Booking your Christmas holiday in advance, you will find standard rooms available and if you are cost conscious you will go for this as opposed to booking last minute when the standard rooms are fully booked.

Look out for discounts or discount seasons   

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