How to get over that job loss and forge forward.

Dealing with a job loss/What to do when you are fired.

I am a resent graduate and after working for well under a year with a local chapter of an international NGO I was told my services were no longer needed and that my contract was being terminated. This happened some six months ago and I am still doing odd jobs with hopes of still finding a permanent one.

I must say my work record was perfect and I was shocked, to say the least. I feel betrayed and as though I have a knife in my back. One the day the contract was terminated I was promised a letter of recommendation from my director and my department, if I needed any. Something I am not so willing in pursuing.

It’s tough to comprehend how they can do this to a devoted employee who toiled so hard for in advancing the interest of the organization. Isn’t loyalty a double edged sword?

There is a strong feeling that the director feared my achievements would water done his work and that there was possibility of me rising up the ladder. There was also the matter of my salary having to be raised something that he was vehemently opposed to so some reason.

Doesn’t this seem dirty on their part, or am I being too delicate? Is this the norm for big organizations?

There is also the sense of some people thinking “he must have done something wrong.” This has affected my confidence and self-respect to some extend.

This can easily be your story and trust me it is completely normal to grieve over a sudden job loss — but  you should not waste time ruminating about your former employers for actions  for a long time especially if the dismissal was shoddy as is the case here.

It you take too mush time on it looks like you are morning your loss and haven’t come to terms yet.

The way most companies think is that the salary they give you is compensation enough and they don’t look at the process of engaging people to work for them as a fair exchange. They therefore don’t bother to offer a reward or think much about loyalty.

When one is faced with such a scenario you should consider taking a part time job as away of widening your job search other that clouding your mind with the loss in the enclosure of your house. Taking the part time job will increase your networking and it will present you with people who will give you ideas and boost your confidence unlike when you have a one man formula.

Unless you live in Singapore or Switzerland in most economies, there are adequately many people out of employment; there is zilch to be ashamed of. If you find an avenue to get together with other people who are also looking, you can share your resources — and your frustrations.

You are better of utilizing this opportunity to think about what passions and interests might lead to other openings. Volunteering can be a good way to keep your skills honed and your self-confidence up.

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