How to hide your phone number ID

There are those times when you need to make that anonymous call. When you don’t want the other party to know your phone number. Well freak not because if your phone can’t do that, you can help yourself.
Before dialing the number you need to call follow the procedure below to make your call private.

The procedure for hiding your caller ID

Dial #31# followed by the phone number you want to call.

Example #31#0723456789

That easy …your number is now private

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5 thoughts on “How to hide your phone number ID

  • If you can show us how to make a private call,why can’t you show us how to reveal these private callers too…someone is frustrating me with this private number

  • Mohamed Hussein

    how can i remove private number

    • how can i unhide my number permanently from showing private when I call my friends please please urgently?

  • When blocking your cell phone number from caller ID, you have two choices. You can do a permanent block or a temporary block on a call-by-call basis.

    • Hey that would be individual calls……each time you calll


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