How to load your pre-paid electricity token

Electricity billing in Kenya has improved .Kenya Power , the national distributor of electricity is converting its power consumers  from postpaid billing and payment to prepaid payment.
Now you can buy electricity easily at your local shop. Once you buy the token you need to input it at the meter in your premise.

What you need

The 20 digit token  number

The procedure 

At the meter installed at your premise:-

  1. Key in the 20 digit number on the token using the keypad and press enter
  2. On the screen an ACCEPT message will be displayed and your units will be increased with the amount of electricity purchased
  3. If the screen displays a USED message, it means that the token has already been used.
  4. If the screen display an OLD message, it means the token is old and invalid
  5. If the screen displays a REJECT message, it means that there is something wrong with your token.  In this case you must contact KPLC call center on the numbers provided
  6. Always check that your meter has enough electricity units left. This information is displayed on the screen.
  7. A low credit alarm will be shown when the credit falls below 20 Kwhrs. Please purchase more electricity when this happens to avoid your power going off.

If the token was entered incorrectly the display will indicate “EEEEE 13”

The cost of electricity has shot up