How to Make the Most Out Of Rabbit Farming




Rabbit farming is slowly picking momentum in the county with TV shows competing to bring the best analysts on the subject. A sample check with local TV channels will take you through a tirade of shows that tell stories of rabbit farming in Kenya. Unlike the quail eggs craze something is giving in this farming with the formation of Rabbit Republic limited. This is a company dedicated to giving information to rabbit farmers in Kenya. They produce breeds, offer extension service and look for market for rabbit meat.

Initially a lot of people had made “noise” about rabbit farming without anything to show for. This prompted many to go for the venture without clear direction more so on where to sell their produce. Just like many other agribusiness ventures the most headache is finding a reliable market.

Rabbit republic is a limited company that is dedicated to the promotion of rabbit farming in Kenya with facilitation in all the spheres of the venture. They run extension services from the acquisition of the rabbits to selling the produce. When you sign up with the company you are assured of finding the right breed, feeds and market for your rabbits. Rabbit republic works through contractual agreements with its member farmers to ensure they have healthy and quality rabbits at the end of the day.

The real juice of the story of rabbit keeping is that we have a new way to produce feeds for them. We call it hydroponics. These is a system of farming that does not use soil, the plants are only fed on the nutrients they need thus growing faster. These farming method helps to produce a lot of feed on a very small space of land making it ideal for the urban areas where land is scarce

Rabbits develop rapidly and produce a lot. They have quality protein meat which tastes like chicken. The meat is easy to digest as it has less cholesterol and fats. With these benefits its ranks better than chicken on nutritional value.

Anyone can produce rabbits as they require very little space and feeds. Making a very suitable alternative to most homes that can’t afford other expensive sources of meat protein. One can keep ten rabbits in a space of 5.6meters squared. Therefore a farmer keeping a breed such as Flemish Giant can harvest about 5 tonnes of meat on a quarter of an acre in only 4-5 months.

Rabbit republic guides you from building of rabbit hutches, provide you with the right breeds, train on breeding and disease management and offer you technical support for the first 3 Months. They are the market for your rabbits through signed joint agreements. They also have linked with financial institutions for possible financing of materials for commercial rabbit farming

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