How to manage a lawyer’s case files and office.

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ORDER AT LAST| Are you a lawyer, is your office filled with piles and piles of case files that you don’t know where to take?  Then know you are not alone. A spot visit to a number of law firms paints the same picture. Recently I visited a friend’s law firm and I couldn’t help but to wonder this guys must need a warehouse if they plan to be in existence for ten more years.

Well thanks to technology this doesn’t have to be a nightmare to deal with anymore. Kenyan lawyers now have a chance to organize their files electronically and be able to search and work on them at the comfort of their desks. This they will do on their laptops or desktop and not the usual manual way they are used to.

Two your tech savvy young men have designed a software that will help Kenyan lawyers manage their work and reduce the clutter that is the paper files. Over the years lawyers have had to deal with voluminous manual filling systems in there day to day operations. This system can no longer be economical in this shrinking universe, digital then is the only way out. The system designed by the techies is called Sheriasoft.

With the guidance of Focweb technologies this two young minds have come up with a system that has inbuilt messaging service. Its keeps records with dates of cases, time and the law court to attend.  They say it also has a coding interface that allows the ability to compare notes of other cases. This interface will save the lawyer the long hours needed to go through the paper files to find references. With a simple code the lawyer is able to find similar cases just by inputting a particular code.

There is also the document management feature that helps put together media files, case notes and images documents. You are also able to assign tasks to other members of the firms and track the process of the case.

Ideally sheriasoft acts as digital office assistance that goes all the way to do billing for the firm and send invoices or print them.

Shariasoft comes as a relief to many lawyers and I recommend it as it saves work load and office space. It creates order too.

It costs KES 30,000 get the light version of shariasoft and KES 80,000 for the professional edition.

visit to check out more on sheriasoft

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