How to Move House

The process of moving house can be hectic if not well planed in advance , here are a few pointers to have easy time when that time comes

  • Plan your move at least one week ahead by jotting down a list of everything that you will need to do.
  • Start packing a week in advance, if possible. Leave those things that you may still require to use immediately. Food items, clothes and curtains can be packed last.
  • Have as many boxes as you can afford, paper bags, sacks , masking tape and strings
  • Have the contents of the boxes labeled for, this will help when you start unpacking.
  • Have a prearranged commitment from the moving company. They should be specific about time; some good moving companies will have packaging as part of the moving fee.
  • Pack breakables carefully. A good way would be to rap them with newspapers.
  • Be sure not to overload the boxes to avoid instances of contents caving out of the boxes when loading the track.
  • Place your valuables and documents in a hand held bag. You will need to keep an eye on this one all the time so there is no nee of keeping too far away.
  • Have essential items packed together and ready to be unpacked when need arise. Things like overnight clothes, a bathroom bag mugs, spoons and a variety of kitchen items. This is in cognizance of the fact that unpacking may take some time yet you will need these items immediately.
  • Organize take away meals for the evening of the move just in case you will too tired and not ready to make a meal on arrival.
  • The first things you may need to take care of in arrival are your bedroom and putting up of curtains.
  • Remember to defrost and empty the fridge the day before you move. This should actually be gradual, do not have new grocery supplies to towards this end.

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