How to Play Lotto In Kenya

How to Play Mylotto Kenya

Lotto is a form of gambling that is legalized by the government. It involves the drawing of numbers for a prize.

There are a number of such lottery schemes in Kenya. They include Pambazuka National Lottery, My Lotto Kenya and Kenya Charity Sweepstake.

Lotto is gambling, like many other forms of gambling it depends purely on chance or luck. Although you will notice a small difference when playing a lottery and other types of gambling.

A lottery is a game of chance that allows you to buy a ticket purely on your pick of lucky numbers and then you wait for draw day to know the result. The winners are selected in a draw where the numbers are picked arbitrarily by a lottery machine. The result is not pegged to a somewhat predictable fact but purely on chance.

If you believe you have a lucky streak then playing Lotto is a good way for you to bag that million easily. People have been known to change their lives by playing Lotto all over the world.

Here we look at how to play lotto with My Lotto Kenya

How to play Lotto

Lotto has two Draws in a week , there is one on Wednesday: 21:00 and  Saturday: 21:00. The entries to each draw close at 20:00 on the day of the draw.The winning numbers are revealed on the LOTTO Live! show on KTN at 10pm, and published on the Results page after the show.

To play you need to pick 6 unique numbers from 1 to 49 and a bonus number from 0 to 9

Each entry to win a possible KSh 100,000,000 costs only KSh 50. You can only buy one ticket  for each request although you can buy several  tickets for the same draw.

There are there ways to play Lotto in Kenya, SMS MPESA and Online

How to play Lotto via SMS or MPESA

Here you have the option to choose your lucky numbers or to receive automatic lucky numbers

The Procedure of Buying a lotto Ticket

  1. Send the word WEB to 79007
  2. You will then get your ticket with lucky numbers by SMS

NB:  You need to load your lotto account via MPESA before playing

  1. Receive your username and password for

How to choose your own numbers:

  1. Send WEB with your numbers to 79007 eg: WEB 27*9*46*8*24*44*6

NB:  You need to load your lotto account via MPESA before playing

  1. Get your ticket with your numbers
  2. Get your username and password for

How to play Lotto online

  1. Go to  to register for Mylotto account
  2. In put your phone number (that will be your user name and then choose a password)
  3. Select a set of six random numbers between 1 and 49 then pick a bonus number between 1 and 9
  4. Load your account via MPESA –read instruction on the link
  5. Once you receive the MPESA confirmation message click buy


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