How to Register With Elitebet Kenya

Sport Betting has become a fad in Kenya and it almost seems if you are not registered with one you are missing out big. Well don’t be register with Elite bet and start making something for yourself, if you are lucky you could win the jackpot. So here is a guide on how to register with Elite Bet one of the thriving sport betting sites in KENYA.

To register with elite bet there are no forms required to fill. All you need to do is send in your stake money through the money transfer service as illustrated below.

On Safaricom:

Go to MPESA Menu

-> Scroll to Pay Bill

-> Enter the Business Number as 850700

-> Account elitebet

-> Enter the amount you want to stake

-> Enter your MPESA PIN and confirm.

Once you follow the process above here is what happens: We will process the deposit, create and credit your account with the funds you sent, and send you confirmation SMS with your PIN to log-in on-line. This process should take no more than a minute.

Your login details will be your phone number and the PIN sent to you.

For more check out ELITEBET  as good luck!