How to Sambaza Safaricom Airtime, Airtel ME2U

Sambaza is a Swahili word meaning to distribute. Now sharing / transferring airtime in Kenya has many other names. Safaricom popularized the use  of the word Sambaza to mean ‘sharing or transferring credit to another number’.  So Kenyans can say; Sambaza kredo, Sambaza credo, Sambaza airtime or Sambaza credit all means the sharing or transferring airtime from one phone number to another.

How to transfer airtime to another number for Safaricom or Airtel subscribers.

How to Sambaza airtime on Safaricom

Safaricom has made it easy for you to share airtime. Sambaza is a service that enables Safaricom users to share Airtime on Prepaid or Postpaid. For those on Airtel, the airtime sharing service is called ME2U – for airtel users…read on below.

On Safaricom, you can Sambaza between KES 5 and 10,000 worth of Airtime.

There are two way you can use the Sambaza airtime service. Through Sms and USSD.

How to sambaza via SMS

  • Go to new SMS
  • Enter the amount you need to sambaza followed by # then the number you need to sambaza to eg 40#0723123456
  • Send the message to 140
  • An SMS conformation will be sent upon success of the transaction

How to Sambaza via USSD

  • Dial *140* the amount to sambaza* number you want to send to# Eg *140*40*0722123456#
  • Press the OK or the call button
  • A SMS will be sent to notify both of you of a successful topup


The person sharing airtime must remain with at least 20 shillings worth of airtime
To use this service, open your phone’s dialer then follow the instructions below,
• Press *140*amount of Safaricom credit you wish to share*mobile number you want to send it to#. For instance, using the previous example, *140*100*0712345678#
• Then hit the CALL/OK button
• You will receive a message confirming the transaction, so is the recipient
There you have it; how to sambaza Safaricom airtime through USSD.

There’s one more thing though, you (the person sending the airtime) should remain with at least KSHs. 20 worth of airtime on their phone. Meaning, if you have less than KSHs. 20 airtime, you won’t be able to share.

Can you sambaza OKOA jahazi airtime?
OKOA jahazi is a service provided by Safaricom to help you stay connected even when your airtime runs out hence its name, ‘OKOA jahazi.’
The question is, can you sambaza OKOA jahazi airtime?
Answer is…big NO!
No, you cannot sambaza OKOA jahazi airtime.

How to sambaza Safaricom SMS bundle

The truth is, there is no way you can sambaza Safaricom SMS bundles.
But if you really want to chat with someone and it happens they do not have enough SMS bundles, you can buy for them, thanks to Safaricom *188# service.
• Open your phone’s dialer
• Dial *188# and press CALL or OK
• Then select, ‘Buy for Other Number.’
• Select the duration of the SMS you wish to buy for them and follow instructions.

How to sambaza Safaricom internet bundles / Sambaza data bundle

Do you want to know how to sambaza Safaricom internet bundles?
• Open your phone’s dialer
• Dial *544#
• And select ‘sambaza internet’
• Then follow instructions

How to sambaza Airtel airtime

As mentioned earlier, Airtel also enables you to share your airtime with your loved ones. This is through a service dubbed ME2U.

Benefits of Me2U

Using Me2U Airtel services enables you to

  • Access airtime 24-hours since the service is open night and day
  • Send any amount of airtime you want; between 10 and 1000
  • Top up on behalf of your family members or friends

How to transfer Airtel airtime/ Sambaza airtel credit

There are two methods you can use to sambaza Airtel airtime.

Method 1

This method involve use of Me2U service available in your SIM menu

  • When you open your SIM menu, click on Me2U menu.
  • Here you are presented with two options, 1. Send airtime and 2. Change password. Default password is 0000
  • Select the airtime option and input the amount you wish to share then the password and then press OK.

Method 2

How to sambaza Airtel airtime /credit through SMS

  • Open your messaging app and select ‘write message.’
  • Then type: 2u[space]<recipientmobilephonenumber>[space]<amount>[space]<pin> For instance, to send 100 to 0733456789 do this; 2u 0733456789 100 0000
  • Send the message to 5050

It’s worth noting that, for all of the above methods to work, you will need a password. And the default password is 0000.

It is advisable to set your Me2U password to any 4-digit number that you can remember easily.

This Me2U service though, has 3% transaction fee to be charged on every sum to be transferred. This fee is deducted from the sender’s account and only applies to prepaid subscribers only.

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