How to Save in Kenya and Make Something Out of Your Hustle.

My good friend at Freelancer Kenya has taught you many ways of making money online in Kenya. From affiliate marketing, transcription, article writing and blogging. He has done a good job at that and I give him a thumbs up but he seems to have forgotten a very integral part of the whole process. Now that you have made money, then what?
So let’s look at some of the things you can do to keep that money growing as you look for more.

  1. Take Insurance.

Insurance is the hidden gem that most Kenyans are slow to embrace.
All forms of insurance help give a safety net in life. …Life Assurance -takes care of your loved ones .Education Insurance assures a future for your children   medical Insurance provides that critical medical care even when you are zero at the bank. This are critical pillars of a stable family. You may be young and think that this are not meant for you but take the advice anyway and thank me later.

  1. Decide on an amount you want to put aside each day if u are a hustler like me or each end month if you are in employment.

 Saving is hard but it doesn’t have to be so, if you make it a habit you certainly be looking forward to it each day and that’s the beautiful thing about it. Once you make it your routine then the burden becomes what to do with the money once it’s accumulated.

  1. Be on the lookout for bargains.

 Bargains are good ways of acquiring those would be expensive items, the easy rule should be always buy it when it’s on offer otherwise just window shop and sleep on the thought.

  1. Join an investment Chama and not a merry go round.

Merry go rounds are good but you will hardly save a coin of that money if you are not that disciplined. Merry go rounds only help you accumulate cash but most people end up spending the lump sum on something silly. An investment Chama on the other hand help you put a side cash while making that cash work for you earning interest or acquiring an asset that is way better that buying utensils with your merry go round money.

  1. Pray that your labor be fruitful

You might think you have everything figured out but men you don’t.
My own personal experience is self-evident here. I had planned well put a side four saving schemes. Taken a loan to finance the purchase of a car and was there laughing and smiling at my achievements. Little did I know that none of it would see the light of day? When you plan remember your maker has a better plan for you and so pray that yours aligns well with His.

  1. Don’t rush to take a loan.

Let it be the last resort and if you hear me then take this home with you. You need to put up a plan first start out something with what you consider your meager savings then and only then if you think you need more take a loan

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