How to Save On Bribes in Kenya

Kenya was ranked number 139 out of 168 in the world Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2015 by Transparency International. Kenya had a poor score of 25%. This mean corruption is a serious problem in Kenya now more than ever.

Looks like you can’t live without bribes in Kenya.  So I thought let’s try and find a way to minimize the bribe amounts and live with this necessary evil that has becomes so rampant you would think you have a problem if someone did not ask you for a bribe.

So bribes in Kenya 101 will look at police bribes

  1. Accept responsibility.

When the police stops you, smile and be very polite. Accept all charges against you verbally at least …you not in a court you know and that will not be put in your statement unless you agree to it.

  1. It will serve you well to know some bit of the law.

The police will always threaten you with all manner of offences. If you know your rights, you can tell the “ripe from the unripe fruit”. Don’t fall for the trap that fast. NTSA has published the fines for minor traffic offences. Driving while on phone earns you a KES 2000 fine.

  1. Always have a humanly possible excuse.

Be ready man.. For you to understand the point well Let me give you an example of what a friend of mine did back in high school when he got caught stealing a nap. It was one of those days when sleep took the better part of him and not the head teacher. So the head teacher was doing his normal rounds during the morning prep. My friend was caught pants down sleeping .He knew he was guilty as charged but what to do. He pretend to have been praying and so when the head teacher tapped him to wake up. He rose up did the cross thing like a faithful Catholic and continued reading his strategically positioned book. That’s the kind of stuff you need.

  1. When asked for 5000 say you have 500.

Bargain man. Bargain like a Kenyan would do not let them cops take away your hard earned money just like that.

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