How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is caused by the partial blockage of the airways when the muscles that hold them open relaxes. It is common in adults, more so in men who snore twice more than women. Here are some tips to help you stop snoring.

Steps to flow
1. Change your sleeping position.
Sleeping on your back causes the tongue to fall back and block the throat which causes you to snore. Try sleeping on your side to prevent this.
2. Weight loss and exercise.
Gaining weight around your neck increases the risk of fat pushing down your throat making the muscles collapse. If you have gained weight, try doing exercise to help you lose the weight.
3. Avoid alcohol
Taking alcohol relaxes the airway muscles more than normal causing snoring. Limit your alcohol consumption and avoid taking it at least 5hrs before going to bed.
4. Keep your nasal passages clean.
A clogged or blocked nose due to cold weather will increase snoring. Keep your nose clean. Taking a hot shower before you go to bed or drinking hot water can help open your nasal passages.
5. Get enough sleep.
Lack of enough sleep by working for long hours means that when you get to sleep, you are over tired and you sleep hard and deep which makes your muscles looser causing snoring. Make sure you get enough sleep every day.
6. Change your pillows
Allergens sometimes accumulate on your pillows and bedding that may cause snoring so ensure that you them regularly. Dusting your room and ceiling can also help.

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