How to Transfer Safaricom Bonga Points

Bonga points are Safaricom’s reward system for using SAFARICOM airtime. Safaricom rewards its subscriber’s with one point for each 10 shillings worth of airtime spent. `

Safaricom Bonga points have become like the new currency in Kenya. You can do a lot of things with this points, so having them is like having money.

If you have many Bonga points you can share with your friends and family and help them say buy that phone they would otherwise need a lot of money for.

What You Need to Transfer Bonga Points

  • You need to have enrolled for Bonga
  • The number you need to transfer to
  • Your Bonga Poings balance
  • Your Bonga Points PIN

The procedure

Dial *126# then choose number 4 “Transfer Bonga Points”

Input the recipient number

Input the number of points you would like to transfer

Enter your Bonga Points PIN

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How to set Bonga points PIN:

Dial *126*

Choose option 5 (Set or Change Bonga PIN)

Select option 1 (set new PIN)

Input your national ID number that you used to register your line with.

Input your last direct top up amount. It’s mandatory that you provide the exact amount topped up.

(TIP- If you don’t remember the last top up amount then just top up credit and enter the amount.)

The procedure is done, you should receive a message saying you have set BONGA Points PIN

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