Inoorero University

Formerly the Kenya school of professional studies, Inoorero university Is quite a new kid in the private university list. Sitting along Forest road in Parklands is Inoorero Center the building that hosts the university.

Inoorero University (IU) i seeking to set itself out as the Enterprise University. A sharpening place for skills in Africa, and the world. As an Enterprise University,they  seek to impact on life, society and people by arming students with the requisite knowledge, attitude and skills; molding them into knowledgeable solution providers, and leaders who are fully capable of combating the challenges of a dynamic world.

They also claim to  inspire minds to see endless possibilities.They encourage entrepreneurial, creative and innovating thinking and practice, and encourage embracing of technology to enable life and business.
At  the moment they have three school
1. ICT school
2. School of business
3. School of law
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