How to Keep Your Carpet Sparkling

 cleaning a carpetcleaning a carpet
Your carpet is a focal point in the room. Even if it is plain, it provides the background for the room. It also adds warmth and style to your home. If you have children, you might have had food spills. Here are quick and easy tips to keep your carpets looking and smelling great. 1 Ask family members to remove their shoes when they enter the house. This helps keep the dirt, germs, and anything else they might have stepped on outside from being brought into your house and embedded in the carpet. 2 When the children track mud into the house or drop foodstuff on the carpet, clean it immediately. The longer you leave a stain sit on the carpet, the harder it will be to clean. 3 Use an appropriate cleaner to remove stains. It can be home-made or a product specifically for cleaning carpets. Instead of rubbing the stain, carefully blot with a clean cloth or rag. 4 Don’t put too much liquid on the carpet when cleaning it. If you have a spill that is very wet, take the carpet out to dry to get as much water out as possible. The last thing you want is mildew on your carpet. 5 Vacuum you r carpet frequently. It’s important to clean all the dirt and dust that builds on the carpet, including the invisible particles. Often this hidden dust gets lodged deep into the carpet, making it harder to clean. 6 Keeping odours at bay is easier with an effective cleaning process because most unpleasant smells come from residual, untreated stains and the uncleaned, general debris that pile up over time. Also, use carpet freshener to keep your carpet smelling clean. If you don’t have access to carpet freshener, baking soda is a good substitute.


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