Safaricom Live

The safaricom broadband modem costs ksh5999.there is a rider if you subscribe for 1GB you get the modem free.
3G Data Bundle Packages
This service is suitable for those whose usage is consistent every month and for those who want to control their monthly costs.

Broadband Modem Kshs. 5,999
Pre-Pay Bundle
300 MB Kshs 999

700 MB Kshs 1,999

1GB Kshs 2,499

Broadband Modem Kshs. 5,999

Post-pay Bundle

700 MB Kshs 1,999 Per Month

2 GB Kshs 3,999 Per Month

5 GB Kshs 6,999 Per Month

8 GB Kshs 10,000 Per Month

30 GB
Kshs 30,000
Per Month.

Post-pay Broadband Router Kshs 25,000
Packages are same as above.Up to 10 users.

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