SEACOM(“bandwidth for Africa”)

SEACOM provides high capacity bandwidth linking business and communities in Southern and East Africa, Europe, and South Asia.

SEACOM offers two types of services, Indefeasible Rights of Use (IRUs) and International Private Leased Circuits.

An IRU is known as an Indefeasible Rights of Use

* It is equivalent to ownership of a portion of the cable for its remaining life which starts at 20 years conservatively.
* An IRU can be used as collateral, sold, traded or otherwise treated as a physically owned asset
* SEACOM offers the only PoP to PoP IRU solution between South Africa, Europe and Asia, which means that major co-location costs are included in the price
* An IRU is ideally suited to large operators with long term bandwidth requirements that has capital to take advantage of volume discounts

An IPLC is an International Private Leased Circuit

* IPLCs offer the technical advantages of an IRU over a three, four, or five year lease option
* IPLCs are ideally suited for smaller operators with uncertain future bandwidth demands, who may want to avoid an upfront capital expense.

Volume discounts are offered for both IRUs and IPLCs

* SEACOM pricing is structured to encourage volume discounts at SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) capacities:
o STM-1 or 155 Megabits (minimum)
o STM-4 or 622 Megabits
o STM-16 or 2.5 Gigabits
o STM-64 or 10 Gigabits

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