Ride that bike, save on fuel and the planet

Buy a bike and use it. With fuel prices so high, it will pay for itself. Ride it to work, to run errands, or to have fun. Everyone benefits when you ride a bike. You help conserve our limited oil resources, you are not polluting, and you are exercising. Encourage your spouse, kids, co-workers and friends to join you. Some companies have even started offering incentives to employees who bike to work. Ask your employer about installing a shower at the office for longer, or hotter, commutes. Bikes can be loaded on buses to extend its range.

Buy an electric bike or an electric motor add on kit for a regular bike. This is a significant benefit for those who aren’t in shape, have a long way to cycle, have to bike on hot days or don’t want to sweat, or have to ride through lots of hills.

Walk short distances rather than drive. It may be convenient to drive, but let’s face it, it probably takes longer than walking would, and emits pollutants to boot.

Use public transportation or carpool for long trips. These options may take a little longer, but you can read, listen to headphones, work on computer or craft projects, or talk to people instead of having to stare straight ahead for the length of your commute. There are many carpool and ride share websites on the internet for both regular and one-time trips, such as for one-time trips. Your city government/county council might also facilitate carpool trips.

Consolidate your trips. If you must drive to do laundry, shopping, etc., plan to do all weekly errands on one day. You can get everything you need in one trip, saving you money and time. It’s also more fuel efficient to start a car if it’s already warmed up.

Use less gas. The gas you pump into your car or SUV is derived from fossil fuels which, when burnt, release a good share of greenhouse gases into the air. Read the Related wikiHow articles on How to Save Money on Gas and Increase Fuel Mileage on a Car.

Consider ditching the car altogether.

Research biodiesel. This is a diesel made from a percentage of plant and animal fat (in some cases reused fat). This is not suitable for all diesel engines.

Research energy efficient, electric, hybrid and diesel engines when buying a new car, motorbike or scooter. You can get a reduction in tax and congestion charges in some countries.

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