If it were an ordinary day then we would say Madero’s pulse was beating fast. But this was not an ordinary day neither was his pulse beating fast, it was supper fast but he couldn’t explain way. Narrow sharp streams of sweat trickled down his forehead. Those who knew him thought he was getting an attack again, they have been occasional this ones, he survives one every so often. Would he survive this time, was the question in many of his cronies minds.
Allegedly the international chamber of Con-men (ICC) was investigating him on his participation in the smuggling of small portions of islands off the coast of the sea of Lolwe to his private lake in Giza.
Eleven o’clock, darkness had engulfed the whole of Shimolatewa Federal Correctional Facility. Children were crying and mothers fumbled but fathers were not sure what to do, so they stand in bewilderment but just for a moment. Hoping against hope that this is not it, “how could it get dark in middle of the day?” They ask themselves as though the warning by the Prophets of the Land had not prepared them. Why did they look so puzzled yet they knew this was coming?
They begin gathering in groups around the circular Makuti cell structures whispering to each other, not sure what to say but trying to look brave by saying anything, just anything.
“May be its judgment day” Okampo opines in a mumble. This leaves the rest silent for a moment. It took time to let it sink. Surely, why us, they seemed to ask. You could hear them think. Madero couldn’t help himself he falls down to on his knees to pray, with all manner of confessions.
God, please forgive me for cheating on my wife, the mistress was so good to let go. I only went to K street ones; I think she put kamoti in my wine. I tried stopping seeing her but I couldn’t help myself. Also father, don’t punish me for not saying the truth on the fateful day, the day we resolved to retaliate to the injustices committed by the Sonkororo vigilante on our Village. I was one of them. ………
It was only a solar eclipse but this time it was only partial. Am told a total one will come…soon.

Call it a lull before a fall, it looks like the people of MAKUTI were given a breather , that day when darkness  was about to engulf MAKUTI kingdom an angel was sent . The clouds cleared but only through a heavy down pour. It goes without saying that that  partial eclipse would not go without casualties. Blood was shed and thus like they say in swahili “Dawa ya moto ni moto” so some had to be shed to appease the gods.

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