Twisted Love

As each day passes by..
All she cn do is ask herself why…
She has exhausted the very meaning of ‘try’
but still
She can’t understand
she really needs a hand her..everythng has totally become hard…

She cooks and cleans and spends money on things,
On things it seems invaluable to him,
She tries her best to make him smile,
But in the end gets absolutely nothing in return…

Despite the talks and promises made,
The actions are very minor,
Minor coz he does them for a day or two,
Then forfeits any efforts again,
He cnt even call let alone text,
It seems as though to him she ceased to exist….

The pain she feels can neither be explained nor expressed,
Confusion,anger,disappointment is what rages within her,
She can’t deny her love for him,
The love that is deemed ‘stupid’ by many,
She doesn’t listen to them because she believes that,
The very love that people despise,is the same love that will make him change someday……

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