How to get a Turkey Visa for Kenyan Citizens

Turkey Visa Requirements for Citizens of Kenya

Europe and Asia meets in Turkey. Istanbul- the largest city in Turkey is the only city in the world located on two continents. If you are a Kenyan, you most likely have come across Turkey products from clothes, shoes and carpets. Turkey has become a source market for these goods for Kenyan business people. That is not all, Turkey has a lot more to offer in terms of culture, the history of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, and its lively people.

The country Turkey, whose capital city is Ankara, official language is Turkish, but English and German are widely spoken.

So how do Kenyan passport holders get a Visa for Turkey?

Here is the Procedure for Applying for a Turkey Visa from Kenya 

Update: 24 November 2023 

Requirements for Kenyan passport holders to get a visa to Turkey.

According to, Kenya passport holders are not eligible for Turkish e-visa. (24-Nov 2023)

To apply for the Turkish visa,  you will  need to visit the authorized agency below:

Turkish Route
Two Rivers Mall Southern Tower Ground Floor Office No: 10 Nairobi/KENYA
254113794154 – [email protected]

Requirements for the Turkish visa application:

  1.  One passport size photograph. (2*2 inch)
  2. The applicant has to go in person to the agency and fill the application form
  3. The passport has to be valid at least for a period longer than six months (previous passport is also required).
  4. For business purpose, Invitation Letter is required -Name of Host Company,Contact person, telephone and address in Turkey.
  5. If holiday purpose, travel itinerary, name of hotel or temporary address in Turkey, OR if invited by friend/relative name of host and telephone numbers should be indicated in the invitation letter.
  6. If employed, an employment confirmation letter from employer and salary statements of the last three months.
  7. If self-employed, the director should write a visa requisition letter on company letterhead and provide Business License, Certificate of Business Registration, Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association of business.
  8. Certified Bank Statements of the last three months (original and copies of statements). We only accept personal statements. Company statements may only be used to boost applications.
  9. Flight schedule printout.
  10. A certificate of good conduct is required for applicants below the age of 30 years.

Visa Fees For Turkey From Kenya

  1. Single entry – USD $60,
  2. Multiple entry – USD $200 (multiple cannot be issued by first-time applicants)

Contacts Turkish Embassy In Nairobi

Turkish Embassy in Nairobi is situated at Gigiri Road, off Limuru Road.

Embassy of Turkey in Nairobi 30 Gigiri Road
P.O. Box 64748
00620 Nairobi-Kenya 
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Turkish Embassy In Nairobi
Twitter: Turkish Embassy In Nairobi

So next time you want to travel to Turkey, you have all that you need above.

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16 thoughts on “How to get a Turkey Visa for Kenyan Citizens

  • Hi i booked to go to turkey last year and was refused to get on the flight as i was told i have to fly by Turkish airlines i had a normal visa this time i have a schengen visa will i get refused to get on the plane

    • Before you fly to Turkey, you need a Turkish visa. If you applied for the Turkish Evisa via as a Kenya ordinary passport holder…you are supposed to have a round-trip ticket on Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air or Atlasglobal Airlines. If you applied for the visa the Embassy in Nairobi, then there are usually no restrictions on which airline to use.

  • I need to know how much balance I must have in my bank account in order to secure a business Visa for turkey.

  • Omar Abdille

    Hi I’m Kenyan and my wife has dependent pass on her Somali passport for past 10yrs can we both get tourist visa for two weeks

  • Leila Mohamed

    Hi my sister want to go to Turkey to look for good university. So what is the requirements is she need to follow.shes kenya citizen.


    • If she is going to study in Turkey, she can visit the Turkish embassy located near UNEP headquarters in Gigiri. The embassy has publications from top Turkey universities that she can apply. Also she can Google online and apply…

  • Ineed a is for turkey together with my four year old daughter. What is the procedure please…

  • Jacqueline Wanjohi

    Hi,i managed to successfully apply turkey visa online however,when i click submit button it gives me an alert that i need to book an appointment. Which takes me back to the online application process.Kindly assist

    • Hi jacqueline, i managed to apply for my online evisa last september. Do you have a valid USA, UK, Schengen or Ireland visa? E visas are for Kenyan passport holders who hold any of the mentioned valid visas. If none you need to go for an oral interview.


  • kindly assist currently in Vietnam and i need Turkey visa how should i go about it

  • Carolyne

    Hello… I’ve tried filling the online form and up to now I surrender its quite tough. Is it possible to get some help because I sincerely need a trk visa like super soonest. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hi. How long does it take to process the visa? I need one urgently.


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