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Why you need an MBA!

Times have never been this hard for graduates. It truly is a tough road ahead in finding employment especially since the competition is forever increasing. So how do we set ourselves apart from the norm and ensure we stand out from the masses? The fact that you have chosen to invest in further education and study for an MBA is certainly one way! So what are the benefits and does this degree really enhance your chances in landing that dream role?

MBAs are a popular degree for continuing education students, and it’s not hard to figure out why. They’re often accompanied by an increase in pay and prestige, along with a better career in general. Although they are often expensive and time consuming, many people find that MBAs are well worth the effort, specifically citing more career opportunities, a higher salary, better networking, and increased skills. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the ways earning an MBA can have a positive effect on your care

Hiring opportunities

As a general rule, more education means more career opportunities, and this rule holds especially true for MBAs. In the 2007 Corporate Recruiters Survey hiring companies indicated that they had a definite plan to increase their hiring of MBA holders and scale back on candidates that only have an undergraduate degree. Additionally, MBAs are rising in popularity, so you may find that you need an MBA just to get in the door with some organizations.

Better pay
With an MBA, you will command a higher salary, both due to your higher skill level and your increased demand. Another interesting fact from the 2007 Corporate Recruiters Survey is that employers are willing to pay up to 84% more for candidates with an MBA. This quite obviously shows that MBA degrees are well worth the money and time spent on earning them, as higher pay of this magnitude is likely to make your MBA degree quickly pay for itself.

More networking opportunities
Earning an MBA means you’ll be studying with lots of other up and coming professionals in the business world. Being a part of the MBA classroom will help you forge relationships with other students that can turn into useful networking contacts. Additionally, being an MBA student or graduate will often grant you access to groups and opportunities that wouldn’t be available to you otherwise

Better skills
Going back to school for any reason will improve your skills, especially when pursuing an MBA. Continuing education will keep your mind fresh, particularly with critical thinking skills and concentration. These benefits exist both while you’re in school and after you’ve received your degree. But beyond brain power, MBA programs are specifically designed to improve upon your business skills and ability to master the business environment. With an MBA, you’ll have much of the knowledge, skills, and tools that you need to really succeed in the world of business. Additionally, the skills you’ll learn as an MBA can translate to a better quality of personal life, giving you the knowledge to make better decisions in life and financial affairs

Career growth
If you’re feeling stagnant in your career, then getting an MBA is an excellent way to take yourself to the next level. For many people, an MBA will open up opportunities that were not available before, whether it’s a career that makes more sense for your life and skills, or a promotion to a better position within your organization. Getting an MBA shows that you’re serious about your potential for success, and others are likely to view you in a higher regard because of it.

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