You can do something about global warming!

Lets all work to restore the glory of Mother Nature.

Most people the world over are overwhelmed by the effect of environmental degradation. They also understand the effects of the green house gases that causes global worming is a real threat. What they don’t know is that they can do something about it. It doesn’t have to be a major thing just the same way small amounts of emissions accumulate over time to cause the tsunamis and Katrina’s. People can do small deeds that if accumulated will translate to an overwhelming change.

We know global worming has changed the way we do almost every thing in our life. What we forget to appreciate is that we as individuals -not the big corporation with huge smoke chimneys- contribute to this mega looming disaster. If we can understand this simple but complex phenomenon then we will all be on our way to restoring the glory of Mother Nature.

I know anyone reading this now thinks. What temerity? I can never do enough to cover up for what the conglomerates are doing! The truth is you really can and it got to do with every thing around you. From the simple acts of ensuring you are not littering your streets or neigbourhood, much can be achieved. If you and your neighbor can have a pact, a silent one, where we police other on the way we dispose of our litter then we will be doing great.

Well, you might say this is too huge for you. So, how about you start it with your household? Ensure that you dispose off plastic in the right manner don’t dump them just about anywhere. Ensure you separate those waste items that can be recycled from the non recyclable. I most case your local council should champion this but if they are not doing it you can. Have several litter bin in your house with each assigned to a particular type of waste. You might end up profiting from those sellable items- the recyclable ones.

The other way to help of us lower carbon emissions is to dump that car for a bike. Well may be you can’t do this out rightly but you can designate days when the way to work is by cycling. A bike will help you kill “four” birds with one stone, well may be even more. One you will be able to get that much needed exercise, two you will save on the gym fees, three you will arrive at work much fast considering that I bike cuts through traffic much faster, and you can always think of four.

There is the issue of the way we shop and our “paper bag culture. It seems much easy and convenient to pay that extra 5 shillings to carry you groceries home. The thing is it will be much better for all of us if you had carried a bad instead. There is a new shopping bag design that I was reading the other day on the net. The bag is less bulky and can fit in just about any pocket or pouch. So it doesn’t have to be hard for you to shove it in somewhere the next time you are going shopping. This is not yet in Kenya nut we can come up with our own, what shall call it, Dotkiondo? Search flip and tumble for the idea.

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